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Sufjan Stevens Announces New Album

Sufjan Stevens will release his first full-length album in five years on Oct. 12.  It's called The Age Of Adz (pronounced "odds") and comes just a week after Stevens released the All Delighted People EP.  Both are available through the Asthmatic Kitty website.

Sufjan Stevens
Marzuki Stevens

The label announced the new record from Stevens this morning.  According to a press release from Asthmatic Kitty, The Age Of Adz doesn't rely on any specific concepts, such as Stevens' previous albums about states or urban expressways.  But it does share "similar themes of love, loss, and the apocalypse."  The label also says that the banjos and acoustic guitars heard on earlier records from Stevens have been replaced with more electronics and heavier orchestrations.

Stevens was a remarkably prolific artist when he decided to create an album based on each of the 50 states in the U.S., beginning with 2003's Michigan.  It was soon followed by a separate collection of songs called Seven Swans.  Then came Illinois and another collection of outtakes from Illinois called The Avalanche.  But Stevens then turned his attention to writing, directing and scoring the 2009 film The BQE and later announced he was abandoning the "states" project, which he called a promotional gimmick.

Asthmatic Kitty says The Age of Adz is based loosely on the paintings of outsider artist Royal Robertson.  One of his pieces is used for the album cover.

cover art
Courtesy Asthmatic Kitty

You can hear Stevens' entire discography, streaming for free online, at his Bandcamp site.