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Your Story: Tunes That Got You Through Your Teens

Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon was my best friend all through high school. Courtesy of Capitol Records hide caption

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Courtesy of Capitol Records

Last week, Bob asked you to tell us about the music you think is critical for getting someone through their teen years.  We got a ton of great suggestions.  Now we'd like to hear your stories about the music you loved when you were growing up.  Was there a song or album that got you through a particularly rough period?  Tell us about a time when music came to your rescue.

If you can, record audio of yourself telling your story.  You can just record it into your computer using the built-in mic if need be.  When you're done, upload the audio file to All Songs Considered's Soundcloud page.  We'll get the audio from there and, if we end up using your story, we'll play it on an upcoming episode of All Songs Considered.  Be sure to tell us your first name and where you're calling from.

If you can't record audio on your computer or at home, you can leave a voicemail message on the All Songs Considered phone line:  (202) 408-4907.

If possible, you should adlib your story instead of writing it out and reading it.  Don't worry about stumbles or pauses.  We can cut those out for you.

And, of course, you can also just tell us your story in the comments section below.

We look forward to hearing from you!