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Video: The Making Of 'Band On The Run'

What a thrill it is to hear this record again.

Paul McCartney
Linda McCartney

Band on the Run came out 37 years ago. It was the third album Paul McCartney made under the name Wings.  I think it's the best, and I'm not alone. I'm listening to the remastered version, which comes out Nov. 2. There's a version with bonus tracks and a DVD of music videos, film footage of recording sessions and so much more.

For Band on the Run, McCartney was looking for a bit of adventure when he made this record. So he booked a studio in Lagos, Nigeria.  Some of his bandmates decided not to join him, the studio wasn't up to his expectations, and yet he soldiered on.

Below is a mini-documentary on the making of Band on the Run, filled with footage from the recording sessions and Paul and Linda McCartney's travels in Lagos.

Band On The Run

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