NPR logo Worst Pink Floyd Cover Ever?

Worst Pink Floyd Cover Ever?


This is the latest video to cause a stir in the All Songs Considered corner of the NPR offices. As a team of Pink Floyd lovers, we understand when a band wants to cover a band they love. This, however, went far beyond the normal set of problems you might see when a less-experienced band tries to take on a giant, iconic song.

Though initially I remarked that I was surprised the whole thing didn't fall apart (it sort of felt like they were all counting at different tempos) All Songs producer Robin Hilton pointed out that it did fall apart — just really slowly. (As an example of this, note around 4:24 when the guitar player yanks the cable out of his guitar before the song is over.) The combination of vocals, timing, out-of-tune and off key guitar solos, and general apathy of the unknown band from an unknown place make this the worst Pink Floyd cover we've ever seen.  Even the singer is grimacing.  But we still watched it and loved it.