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Premiere: New Son Lux Video

The experimental electro-rock artist Son Lux (a.k.a. Ryan Lott) has released a new video for his song "Weapons VII." The four-and-a-half-minute production features a beautiful but sometimes unnerving mix of artfully stylized images, including half-naked models and Lott himself completely covered in a white powder.

"Weapons VII" is a cut from Son Lux's Weapons EP, released earlier this year, featuring remixed and re-imagined versions of the original "Weapons" song that first appeared on the stunning 2008 album At War With Walls and Mazes. These various reworked versions offer a view of Lott's unusual creative process, which eschews conventional A-B song forms in favor of a more amorphous structure wherein a given track can sound different every time you hear it.

"In a sense, these songs are not songs, but meditations," Lott says. "I created as many as five different versions of each song (on At War With Walls and Mazes) before settling on 'the one.' But really, there is not just one. I'm free from the confines of structure, and the 'song' is, in its purest form, only simple melody, and the possibilities for presenting that melody are infinite."

The "Weapons VII" video was produced by Son Lux and directed by Landis Smithers.