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New Brian Eno Album Coming

Brian Eno
Courtesy of the artist

Warp Records is announcing the imminent release of a new album from legendary producer and artist Brian Eno. The record, Drums Between the Bells, will be released as a hardback book with two CDs on July 5. It'll also be available on CDs only, on vinyl and as a digital download.

Check out a cool track called "Glitch" from Drums Between the Bells.

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Courtesy of the artist

The song, like the rest of album, features words by poet and Eno collaborator Rick Holland. More information is available on Brian Eno's website.

Here's the official track listing:

Bless This Space
Pour It Out
The Real
The Airman
Fierce Aisles of Light
As if your eyes were partly closed as if you honed the swirl within them and offered me... the world
A Title
Sounds Alien
Cloud 4

Breath of Crows

The announcement of a new Brian Eno album has some of us at NPR Music all atwitter — how about you? What do you think of "Glitch"?