Pet Sounds: Tell Us About Your Animals' Favorite Music

This cat loves Joanna Newsom. What about your pet? i

This cat loves Joanna Newsom. What about your pet? Magic Madzik hide caption

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This cat loves Joanna Newsom. What about your pet?

This cat loves Joanna Newsom. What about your pet?

Magic Madzik

Matt Waller, a charter boat operator in South Australia's Port Lincoln, says that great white sharks like AC/DC. With a little help from NPR Music's own metal expert, Lars Gotrich, they now have five more songs to add to their metal repertoire. But sharks can't be the only animals that like to rock out. So that got us thinking about the music our pets love listening to. And the NPR Music staff's pets have some pretty eclectic tastes.

NPR classical expert Anastasia Tsioulcas' cats run at the sound of Yusef Lateef, but curl up together to enjoy the Tallis Scholars sing the music of Nicolas Gombert.

Tallis Scholars Summer School USA performs "Magnificent" by Nicolas Gombert in July 2010.

gilmorre YouTube

Felix Contreras, from NPR's Arts Desk and a co-host of Alt.Latino, has a dog with a very particular taste: the timbales. Anytime Felix plays them, his dog sits and howls along. Alt.Latino's Jasmine Garsd has a cat, Mamau Garcia Garsd, who goes crazy for "Colonel Bogey March" — the song became the signal that let Mamau know it was time for her walk. Yes, Mamau the cat gets walked.

zzahier YouTube

Bob Boilen's cat Pigeon from years ago spent most of her life living on top of Bob's ESS Heil Air Motion speakers, wearing out the cloth twice over her 20 years.

Of course, quite a few pets seem to have a thing for metal, like the crazy dog who bares its teeth in the name of Satan.

CorrosionX3 YouTube

But it's the Death Metal Parrot who wins the ultimate head-banging contest.

tuberbru YouTube

What songs do your cats or dogs or turtles like to listen to? Start cranking up the music and let us know how your pet responds in the comments section below.



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