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Share Your Summer Music Memories

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Ah summer. Lazy, sun-dappled days of carefree bliss, filled with blossoming love and playful delight. Actually, I rather loathe summer. It's stinky and sweaty and gross and, really, I'm almost always miserable. But whether you love or hate it, I bet you have a song that reminds you of summer, and a story to go with it. We want you to tell us all about it.

Share your summer music memory

You can tell us your story in the comments section on this page. But we'd be even happier if you recorded yourself talking about it. You can just record it on your computer and upload it to our SoundCloud page. Or you can record it directly into our SoundCloud page. We'll use your stories and songs to put together an upcoming episode of All Songs Considered. Just tell us your first name, where you're from and what song you think of when you think of summer, and why.

Back when I was skinny and had a full head of beautiful, long hair, my friends and I would go to the park, shirtless in our denim cutoffs — trust me, this was cool in the early '80s — and throw a Frisbee around. I had a '63 VW Bug with a seriously kick-ass stereo. It had these massive speakers with long cables attached to them so I could pull them out and set them on the roof of the car. We listened to a lot of Rush and Blue Oyster Cult and Led Zeppelin. But the music I think of most is actually from Adrian Belew's 1982 album Lone Rhino, particularly the song "Naive Guitar." It perfectly captured the languorous, hazy days when all we had was time to kill, yet never enough of it. I can still see the Frisbee floating across the horizon as the fat old sun sank behind it.


Record your story and upload it to our SoundCloud page.

Share your summer music memory