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Hooray For Earth, 'Sails'

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Drew Innis

The New York City band Hooray for Earth takes a haunting turn in its new video for "Sails." The song, from the recent album True Loves, is gritty and full of catchy synth hooks and club beats, but also dark and moody.

"When I was recording the song," frontman Noel Heroux says, "I had very specific colors and visual confusion accompanying the sound in my head. This video is eerily close to what I was seeing."

The video, directed by David Parker and Cole Schreiber, is puzzling but also captivating and mysterious. A woman appears to chase after herself, while stopping to dig up and then rebury a small box that holds... something.

"We shot the video in one night, all within a two-block radius of Dave [Parker]'s house," Schreiber says. "Madeline (the woman featured in the video) ran in circles, and we chased her with a camera. We wanted to tell a story about a young woman trapped in a ... loop, trying to figure out how to escape it. The idea was to create something haunting and strange, but hopefully beautiful, as well."