NPR logo Two Amazing Videos From LCD Soundsystem, OK Go

Two Amazing Videos From LCD Soundsystem, OK Go

The members of OK Go continue to blow my mind with their videos. Their latest, for "All Is Not Lost," is another synchronized dance, but this time it's orchestrated on a glass-like floor, and you watch the whole thing by looking up through the bottom. The band's members make a series of beautiful, kaleidoscopic shapes, choreographed by the contemporary dance group Pilobolus, and spell out words. If you use the HTML 5 version and the Chrome browser, you can even enter your own words for the band to spell out.

Here's the YouTube version:


Meanwhile, a very gifted fan, Michael J. Green, has produced a frame-by-frame re-creation of the LCD Soundsystem video "All My Friends," entirely in Legos. The original featured frontman James Murphy singing into the camera with the band playing behind him. The Lego version is exactly the same except... it's all done in animated legos.


And here's the original version:

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