Crafty Fans Make The National's New Video : All Songs Considered Watch a fan-made video for "Exile Vilify," the band's exclusive track from the video game Portal 2.
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Crafty Fans Make The National's New Video

Gyrithe Lemche
The National
Gyrithe Lemche

When you think of the Brooklyn band The National, do you think of sad sock puppets? At least one fan does.

The National recorded the exclusive track "Exile Vilify" for the video game Portal 2. And, to thank the band, the makers of the game asked fans to craft their own video for the song.

With 320 submissions, the choice was tough. When it came down to the final two choices, the band itself was asked for its opinion, and its members chose C.F. Meister and his sock-puppet interpretation.


That being said, The National didn't want Michael Moverley's video, which used impressive animation to tell the tale of Portal 2's Rat Man, to go unnoticed. So the group awarded the director 1.00000000001st place and a signed messenger bag.


Go here to see the second-place winner and other highlights from the contest, including the recipients of awards for "Best Use of Legos" or "Best Puppets, Non-Sock Category."

After checking them all out, let us know if you think the band made the right choice.