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F—— Up's Video For 'The Other Shoe' Will Make Your Heart Hurt A Little

"Veronica, why is there a bomb in that suitcase?" i

"Veronica, why is there a bomb in that suitcase?" Courtesy of Matador Records hide caption

toggle caption Courtesy of Matador Records
"Veronica, why is there a bomb in that suitcase?"

"Veronica, why is there a bomb in that suitcase?"

Courtesy of Matador Records

Is it a little weird that there's kissing in F—— Up's new video for "The Other Shoe"? It's a little weird. But so is the video's creepy guy in the frilly shirt.

Let's back up. The Canadian hardcore band's album David Comes to Life is a sprawling rock opera about two doomed lovers named David and Veronica (the maker-outers), an explosion gone wrong (presumably what's in that suitcase) and an interloping narrator named Octavio (the bug-eyed stalker). Maybe I'm a little overly invested in the story and its meta-narrative twists and turns, but all you really need to know is that "The Other Shoe" captures a bittersweet moment before David's fall.


"This is not going to be the happy tale of a young man finding love in a loveless world," frontman Damian Abraham told me back in May. In other words, enjoy the stylized making out and leering looks while you can, because if F—— Up is rolling out these videos chronologically, it's only going to get darker from here.

It's been fun watching F—— Up go from a subversive music video band to letting legit directors take on the group's massive vision for David Comes to Life. Scott Cudamore had young schoolchildren scream and sing the boy-girl roles in "Queen of Hearts," and now Matt Eastman visits the fictional Byrdesdale in half-remembered hues that recall Sofia Coppola. Both tug at the heart in different ways, and I'm looking forward to F—— Up tearing apart my heart more as the story progresses on film.



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