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Sigur Rós, 'Inni'

A still from Sigur Ros' new film Inni, directed by Vincent Morisset. Publicist hide caption

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A still from Sigur Ros' new film Inni, directed by Vincent Morisset.


If you've missed Sigur Rós, you're in luck. On November 15, the band will release Inni, a double live album and 75-minute film featuring footage from Sigur Ros' last show at London's Alexandra Palace.

Here's a clip of the video for "Festival" that shows the highly stylized look of the film.

Sigur Ros performing the song, 'Festival'

Recorded at London's Alexandra Palace

A free mp3 download of "Festival" is also available on the band's website -

We asked director Vincent Morisset (Arcade Fire's Mirroir Noir) to tell us about the look, feel, and inspiration behind Inni.

Vincent Morisset:

In 2008, Sigur Rós management asked me to archive the band's last shows. There was a sense of urgency. The future of the band after those shows was uncertain. Would that be their last performance? In that context it was important for me to document it in a direct and simple way. Focus on the details, give the time to the spectator to appreciate the virtuosity and the effort, understand the cause and effects, feel the unique energy of their performance. Rob Hardy [Director of Photography] and I decided to work with the other DoP instead of camera operators used to capture live shows. They were coming from fiction, documentary and art film. No crane, no fancy equipment. Just really talented people with light HD cameras and tiny surveillance cameras hooked here and there on the stage.

When I submitted the treatment to the band, I suggested to create hand caches and rhythmic effects with my fingers over the final edit. I was inspired by Neil Young, who recorded Dead Man's soundtrack by improvising on his guitar while watching the film. I thought that spontaneous approach was great and thought we could do something similar with post-production. Skip the computer effects and generate happy accidents. Karl Lemieux, a Montreal experimental filmmaker, helped me with this. After Nick Fenton and Stéphane Lafleur finished editing the film, we transferred the digital clip on 16mm film.

We laid down a big flat-screen on an animation bench and photographed the quicktime rolling with an Aaton camera. We printed a positive copy of the film and then projected INNI on a screen. With hands and different translucent objects in front of the projector's lens, we were able to distort and transform the image. The handmade effects were then recaptured by a digital camera filming the screen. The music was playing in the dark room. The whole process was instinctive. We shot several times each song and then re-edited the whole film with the most interesting moments. With these multiple generations of transfer we lost details in the image. The mood became dreamy, the gestures and compositions almost abstract. We never wanted to do something retro. For us, it was about taking advantage of the best of two worlds. For the animation interludes, Olivier Goulx, Raoul Paulet and I also worked with our hands, recreating in a living room natural phenomena that echoed the visuals from the tour. Raindrops done with broken mirrors, clouds in aquarium, flashlight tricks, etc...

In the end though, what we wanted was to translate the intensity and immense beauty of the Sigur Rós live experience.

According to a press release, Inni will be available in a variety of formats:

  • Double CD + DVD (includes 4 extra songs not featured on the live album)
  • Double CD + Blu Ray (includes 4 extra songs not featured on the live album)
  • Clear 150 gram vinyl (3 LPs)
  • Digital edition
  • Deluxe edition

For more details,


1/ Standard CD/DVD Edition –
- 1 x DVD - 75 min. full HD feature in 5.1 Dolby Audio, NTSC format + 4 bonus performances
- 2 x CD - Double live album

2/ Blu-Ray/CD Edition -
- 1 x Blu-Ray Disc - 75 min. HD feature in 5.1 Dolby Audio, NTSC format, + 4 bonus performances

- 2 x CD - Double live album

3/ Triple Vinyl/DVD Edition - - CLEAR VINYL LIMITED TO 3000 COPIES!

- 3 x 150g audiophile quality vinyl with printed inner sleeves housed within a single outer jacket made from heavyweight board

- Digital download code for double live album

- 1 x DVD - 75 min. HD feature in 5.1 Dolby Audio + 4 bonus performances

4/ Digital Edition
- film version = 75 min. full HD feature in 5.1 Dolby Audio
- audio version = 15 track, double live album

5/ The Limited Special Edition - Exclusive to

This edition is packaged in a 7" x 7" x 1" box, printed inside and containing;

- An exclusive and unique-to-each-box artefact from the show itself in a numbered, printed envelope

- One-sided 7" coloured vinyl with unreleased track "Lúppulagid", with etching on reverse.

- 1 x DVD - 75 min. HD feature in 5.1 Dolby Audio + 4 bonus performances. (box will include both NTSC and PAL formats) (track listing link)

- DVD exclusive 5 minute short "Klippa"

- 2 x CD - Double live album

- All discs are housed in a printed 7" sized 4 panel slitpack

- Black opaque envelope with 10 pieces of A5 light sensitive paper with instructions and special url for posting your homemade images to the website

- 4 x 7" sized photographic prints

- Enamel "INNI" pin badge