NPR logo We Asked, 'Let's Make Music Together' And You Did!

We Asked, 'Let's Make Music Together' And You Did!

February is the month when I furiously make my own music. It's RPM Challenge, a challenge to make a complete album in a single month.

I wanted to share that challenge with the All Songs' audience. So I took a rhythm I was playing with (I called it "Big Rhythm" — that's it at the top of the post) and put it online and asked you to add to the sound or make a song based on the rhythm. I hoped something magic would happen. And in fact some magic happened.

Here are a few examples of someone taking the beat and running with it. The first is from SoundCloud user Rob Lechemrc. What I love about this is how it unfolds. At first I thought it was a simple use of the rhythm but by the end it was nearly epic.

The most unusual — and funniest — one came from Krab Louie, called "Beef Wit Dat Taco Beef."

Thanks to all who sent in their contributions. Stay tuned: We'll try another one next week.