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New Son Lux Instrumentals

Ryan Lott writes and records under the name Son Lux.
Brenden Beecy/Courtesy of the artist

This time last year we asked Ryan Lott, the artist known as Son Lux, if he thought he could write and record an entire album in just one month. We got the idea from the magazine The Wire, which challenges musicians everywhere to make an album every February. Son Lux took the bait and came up with a pretty amazing record called We Are Rising, a sometimes strange, sometimes gorgeous and consistently surprising mix of electronic and pseudo-classical music. It was one of last year's most intriguing and captivating listens, especially when you know he put the whole thing together in just 28 days.

Now Son Lux is marking the anniversary of We Are Rising with an instrumental version of the record featuring members of the yMusic ensemble. Ryan Lott is a gifted composer who loves to break apart conventional song forms, rhythms and instrumentation. His greatest strength has always been his beautifully unpredictable orchestrations and these instrumental versions of We Are Rising really showcase his distinctive voice.

This is a little sketch he did early in the challenge last year.

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Listen to an early sketch from 'We Are Rising'

It eventually blossomed into the song "Chase."

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Listen to the final version of "Chase"

And this is the newly released instrumental version of the song:

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Listen to the instrumental version of "Chase"

"Listening now to these instrumental versions, even I hear things that have been hiding," Lott says in an online note to fans. "So try a fresh listen and hear the album in a new light. And then go tell all your friends that can't stand my voice and set up a Karaoke night."

Son Lux is currently working on several other collaborations and projects, including orchestrations and instrument design for the score to an upcoming film starring Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt called Looper.

You can hear more instrumental cuts from We Are Rising and get the full record on Son Lux's website.



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