Drum Fill Friday, From Telekinesis! : All Songs Considered Michael Benjamin Lerner, drummer and singer for the band Telekinesis, offers this week's quiz.
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Drum Fill Friday, From Michael Benjamin Lerner Of Telekinesis

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This week's drum fills, intros and beats were selected by Michael Benjamin Lerner, the drummer, lead singer and songwriter for Telekinesis — one of the best damn pop bands in the world.

Drag the intro or fill (or beat) to the album it's from. If you get it right, the song names will appear.

As always, if you've got a drum fill or intro you think would be good for the quiz, let us know in the comments section.

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Michael Benjamin Lerner on this week's selected fills/intros/beats:

Death Cab For Cutie: "We Looked Like Giants" from Transatlanticism: "I'm a little biased, because Jason McGerr was my drum teacher for many years. But I love love love this drum take. It's also double tracked, and then varispeeded on the tape machine. It's a seemingly simple pattern, but upon close inspection, the hi-hat accents are really difficult to get right. Jason is a monster drummer. I'm a humbled by him constantly."

Fleetwood Mac: "What Makes You Think You're the One" from Tusk: "This drum part brought to you by mountains of cocaine. [Mick Fleetwood] had to be out of his mind on this song. It's like he's just about to fall apart. So brilliant. Don't take cocaine, people, unless you're Fleetwood Mac, in which case it totally works for you. Until it didn't."

Foo Fighters: "My Hero" from The Colour and the Shape: "Absolute genius drum part. So anthemic right from the beginning. And huge rock drum sound. Gil Norton is pretty incredible at making that happen."

Gary Numan: "Films" from Pleasure Principle: "When I was on the Portlandia tour, our tour manager/sound engineer would check the house sound system with this song. I got obsessed with it. It's such a sinister drum part. Hip-hop.

Spoon: "30-Gallon Tank" from A Series of Sneaks: "Jim Eno is absolutely killing it on this song. No questions asked."

John Vanderslice: "Time Travel Is Lonely" from Time Travel Is Lonely: "I have tried many a time to re-create this pattern. I have failed miserably every time. Kudos to you, whoever came up with this. It's tricky and musical, a hard combination to achieve."

Telekinesis released its crazy-catchy, self-titled debut in 2009, followed by 12 Desperate Straight Lines in 2011. Most recently, Lerner has been touring and drumming with Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen of Portlandia.