Song Premiere: Malka Spigel, 'See It Sideways'

Malka Spigel, solo artist and member of the Israeli ban Minimal Compact. i
Courtesy of the artist
Malka Spigel, solo artist and member of the Israeli ban Minimal Compact.
Courtesy of the artist

I've tried to keep my ear on Colin Newman since the first Wire album in 1977. Back then, Newman and his band put out one of the best punk records (Pink Flag).


Seven months later, Wire put out one of the best art rock albums (Chairs Missing).


It didn't stop there. His recent albums with Wire are strong, his collaborations always intriguing. One of his collaborators in life and in music is with Malka Spigel. The husband and wife team are still making music, a continuation of projects they made in the '90s. Spigel started a still-ongoing Israeli band called Minimal Compact and later, with Newman, formed Githead and their duo Immersion.

Listen to 'See It Sideways' by Malka Spigel

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See It Sideways

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Now there's a new Malka Spigel project, with Colin Newman, and we have a song premiere for you. The song is called "See It Sideways" from the record Every Day Is Like The First Day. It has all the mystery and adventure that made those Wire records such favorites.

Here are some thoughts from Malka Spigel on the making of the record. Enjoy

The first line from this song "See It Sideways" — Don't think too much says a lot about how we created "Every day Is Like The First Day". On this album Colin and I didn't plan anything at all, we just went into a studio and played whatever came into our heads. At each stage after we didn't give a lot of thought about what to do next it just became obvious. Those lyrics are like both a set of instructions and a description of how we made the record. It wasn't planned that way, nothing was planned, it just kind of connects.

We worked with all the collaborators [Johnny Marr, Matthew Sims, and Adam Ramsay among others] in the same spirit even though each has a different approach. It helps that we are all friends, that openness can create magic.

Every Day Is Like The First Day will be out Sept. 4.



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