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Viking's Choice: Weedeater, 'Bully'

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Scott Kinkade/Courtesy of the artist

Guys, the sticky is not the only thing on Weedeater's mind. Truth is, these Southern sludge rabble-rousers have been through some hard times — health scares, a lost member — but that doesn't shake up their fifth album, Goliathan. At 1:47, "Bully" isn't technically Weedeater's shortest song (if you count intros and interludes), but is a squirrely sludge-punk bruiser with bassist Dixie Dave cackling like a supervillain.

With that in mind, the band writes with a grin, "It's just a public service announcement against bullying in public schools ... Just kidding. Kids, keep beating on each other. Hooray for natural selection!"

Goliathan comes out May 19 on Season of Mist.



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