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Viking's Choice: The Velvet Teen, 'Eclipses'

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Viking's Choice: The Velvet Teen, 'Eclipses'

The Velvet Teen. i

The Velvet Teen. Sara Sanger/Courtesy of the artist hide caption

toggle caption Sara Sanger/Courtesy of the artist
The Velvet Teen.

The Velvet Teen.

Sara Sanger/Courtesy of the artist

In just under three minutes, "Eclipses" will leave you breathless. It's as if the nine years since The Velvet Teen's last album, Cum Laude!, were packed into a single power-pop song that forgoes the formality of a chorus. Barely able to contain his heartbreak, Judah Nagler's verses bleed into one another as he sings "Your voice answers / But you are gone." "Eclipses" is layers of euphoric riffs upon sky-busting synth strings as Casey Dietz's drums expertly thunder and crash around it all.

All Is Illusory comes out June 30 on Topshelf.

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