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FAQ: All Tech Considered

What is the 'All Tech Considered' blog?
It's a companion to the weekly All Things Considered radio feature of the same name. You can turn to All Tech on air and on the Web for a guided tour of how technology is shaping our lives, making the world more interesting and creating some fresh problems we didn't see coming.

Who will be posting here?
All Tech's on-air expert Omar Gallaga will contribute regularly. He also writes the Digital Savant blog for The Austin-American Statesman newspaper. Joining Omar on the blog will be a plethora of NPR journalists, including staff from All Things Considered and

When can I hear 'All Tech Considered' on the radio?
You can listen to the All Tech Considered segment every Monday on All Things Considered. An archive of the on-air stories is available online.

Seriously, what can I expect to find here?
What you'll find here, more often than not, is a human perspective on technology. This is not the place where you'll find every last drop of the latest news from the bleeding edge. We'll be following trends and looking at new technology in the light of every day life.

Can I comment on what I see here?
Yes, but please be sure to read our discussion rules first.

Can I contact you?
Yes. We want to hear from you, so we read every last comment. Or if you rather communicate with us privately e-mail us at tech [at] npr [dot ]org