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Welcome To The 'All Tech Considered' Blog

Technology is all about gadgets, isn't it? They keep changing, advancing, shrinking, wowing us with their ever-increasing sophistication. We're not really sure how they do what they do, with microchips running code that looks like gibberish connected to silicon-embedded sensors of all sorts. Today's high-tech world is all about electrons and inscrutable code with names like PHP, AJAX and C++ .

Or is it?

We think that what makes the tech world really interesting is how people interact with technology. Technology opens up new creative possibilities and makes old tasks easier. But it also makes life more complicated. That's where our focus will be: on the human side of the technology equation.

That's not to say we won't geek out from time to time or display an unnatural fascination with electronic gee-jaws. Just don't expect us to always be on the bleeding edge of the technology front.

Return here regularly for updates on the intersection of man and machine — from the need for broadband speed in the home to the quest for private/public balance in a world linked together by social networks. We'll share with you what we're seeing on this new frontier, and we'll be listening to the stories you share with us.

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