NPR logo Could It Really Be? Apple iPhone Specs Leaked?

Could It Really Be? Apple iPhone Specs Leaked?

Get used to it, hype and rumors about the next generation Apple iPhone are only going to get thicker as the days go by. Then there will be the let down of learning what Apple has really been up to for the last year.

For now, though, we have the rumors and unnamed sources. The latest is from the Web site Apple iPhone Apps.

They claim the newest iPhone will launch on July 17.

They're also reporting better battery life, more memory, faster processor, a better camera, video capabilities, a compass and a slightly modified case, among other things.

The truth, however is anyone's guess. Most of the "leaked" specs are about what most observers are expecting, although the purported inclusion of an "FM transmitter" has some scratching their heads.

This latest iPhone rumor comes on the same day that Palm announced that the Pre, their challenger to Apple's device, will hit the public on June 6.