NPR logo 'Duke Nukem Forever' Possibly Gone For Good?

'Duke Nukem Forever' Possibly Gone For Good?

A game called "Duke Nukem Forever" looks to be cancelled, at least for the time being, after being in gestation for more than a dozen years.

The developers of the game, Texas-based 3D Realms, have shut their doors and the publisher of the game, Take-Two, said it still retains the rights to the shooter, but confirmed that it's no longer funding development of the game.

"Duke Nukem Forever," which was to be the crowning achievement of a series of games featuring a hulking, humorous anti-hero, became an industry joke as year after year passed without the game's completion. Wired has named it tops in its Vaporware awards several times, but over the last two years it seemed like there might be some light at the end of the tunnel.

For now, at least, that light has dimmed. Below is a teaser trailer 3D Realms released last year.