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Facebook Scam Steals Passwords

Facebook users beware of a new scam that lures you to a fake Facebook site and prompts you to reenter your password.

The scammers lure you in by sending a link that looks like it comes from one of your friends. When you click on the link it takes you to the fake Facebook page and asks you reenter your password. Then they have you.

They access your friends list and start sending them the same fake link and now it looks as if it came from you. Facebook says it's looking into the problem.

If you discover you've been scammed, then alert the company and they will help you reset your password and clean up your account. A spokesperson for the company told me that the biggest worry is for people who use the same password for bank, email, and other personal accounts. The attackers may try to access those accounts using the password they stole off Facebook.

The moral of the story is that you should never use the same password twice. I have to admit that is a difficult lesson to be learned since it's really hard to remember all those different passwords. But, better safe than sorry. Here's a link to Facebook's tips to avoid Phishing scams.