NPR logo Video Game Nostalgia And 'Punch-Out!!'

Video Game Nostalgia And 'Punch-Out!!'

Video games have been around long enough that people like me, who grew up on them, can get a little misty-eyed with nostalgia when a game like Nintendo's new "Punch-Out!!" comes along. While putting together a review of the game for the American-Statesman, I was struck by how much of the enjoyment of the game is tied to a knowledge of the original game series, which ended its run on Nintendo consoles 15 years ago.

The game features lots of inside jokes, many of the same fighting techniques and a roster of recycled boxers. But nowhere are the pitch-perfect nods to the original better done than in this commercial, which takes the goofy humor of the game with and elevates it to art with its absolute commitment to the game's minor details and mythology.

The new game is pretty good, but the ad, "Little Mac," is brilliant:

What games makes you nostalgic for the old arcade and Sega vs. Nintendo days?