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In Need Of A Digital Arbiter?

There are times when an arbiter is in order. You know, in case of bar-side arguments or domestic disputes. Stuff like whether or not a boyfriend should co-sign a car note after living with their significant other for years.

The other day, I came upon It's a Web site that crowdsources arguments.

So, two people post their side of the story and the community has a chance to vote who's right and who's wrong.

There are some seemly serious disagreements here: A boyfriend who's giving his girlfriend grief over a cat; a wife who asks her husband clean the house instead of going to the gym; a wife who thinks a 120 buck cable bill is too much after just taking in a new car note.

I'm not sure how useful anonymous advice is. I'm not sure I'd want to air out my disagreements so publicly, but it does make for an entertaining, voyeuristic read. Thoughts? Is an online tool like this really helpful to a relationship?