NPR logo Why Is Google So Dominant?

Why Is Google So Dominant?

In the world of search engines, Google is king. But Wolfram Alpha "computational research engine" is getting lots of buzz around the web and so are reports that the Justice Department is taking a careful look at Google's book search service.

Fortune Magazine reports:

It was bound to happen: Google couldn't get this dominant - with 76% of the search market - without attracting some attention in DC. The question is whether the company has played by the rules in gaining its status.

And it asks the big question. If google insists that competition is "a click away," then why hasn't someone stepped up? Thoughts, anyone?

Also, make sure to check out Maureen Clements' post on the Wolfram browser over at As A Matter of Fact. And Laura Sydell had a piece, recently, about how even in this economic downturn, Google is still raking in ad money.