NPR logo Coming Soon (Not): A Guantanamo Video Game

Coming Soon (Not): A Guantanamo Video Game

Update: Apparently, reaction the idea of the game, Rendition: Guantanamo, was so severe, that its maker, T-Enterprise, has decided to pull out of the project. The trailer for the project, which was available Tuesday, has been taken offline. Our original posting follows.

The market for the macabre grows even more bizarre. T-Enterprise, a British video game company, is developing a game set in a nice, coastal location. Yes, folks, you guessed it: It's Guantanamo Bay.

Moazzam Begg, a Brit who spent three years at the U.S. detention center after being arrested in Pakistan in 2002, is a consultant on the project. Begg says he was tortured at the facility.

The game, Rendition: Guantanamo, is set in the future. Guantanamo is being run by mercenaries who perform scientific experiments on prisoners.

The game is being developed for the Xbox 360 and PCs.

T-Enterprise develops games on topical issues. Also in its catalog, Boyle's Breakdown, based on the experience of singer Susan Boyle, the latest target of Britain's tabloids.

Stay tuned for a video game based on the Killing Fields.