Flickr Unveils Moving Pictures For Mobile Users : All Tech Considered Flickr's new "nearby" service lets people on the move see where they're heading. User-submitted photos are now populating maps seen in phone screens.
NPR logo Flickr Unveils Moving Pictures For Mobile Users

Flickr Unveils Moving Pictures For Mobile Users

OS 3.0-equipped iPhones and other devices will be able to show their users candid photos of nearby scenes. Flickr hide caption

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When you're planning a trip, the Web is a great way to get a feel for your destination — whether it's a foreign country or the DMV across town

Google Maps can help you do that; so can Microsoft's Bing.

But many people want to know what a specific place looks like to a regular Joe — not to a sophisticated car-mounted camera array. Google and Bing are working on that.

In the meantime, you can use a site like Flickr, searching around on its map for photos that the site's users have tagged to a specific location — whether it's a park, a shoe store, or a coffee shop.

And as of Thursday, Flickr is making it easier for people to see those images while they're on the move — provided they have an iPhone (with OS 3.0) or Android device. Flickr just released its "Nearby" feature, which splits a phone's screen to show a map in one half — and photos in the other.

I haven't tried it yet, but the idea is a good one. And if you're reading this on an iPhone or Android phone, you can just go to the Flickr Mobile site and click the link titled "Photos taken nearby."