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Have Your Say On Google Voice

Billed as the phone number to rule all phone numbers, Google Voice promises to be the holy grail of audio-communication integration. Change jobs? Move houses? Switch cellphone carriers? Keep a single number for life. Better yet, Google Voice will connect your calls everywhere you are — at home, on the road, at work. Add voicemail transcription, call recording, personalized greetings, SMS support, and the service might as well be irresistible.

Only one small issue: you need a new number. And worse, you're going to have convince people to call you at your new number not your old number. That's a big hurdle.

And so, we want to know: are you ready to commit to the last number you'll ever need? Could you get your friends and family to accept the switch and use your one and only number?

Please submit your responses through voicemail by clicking on the interactive graphic below. We'll feature the best responses in a forthcoming post. So, if you call in, please leave your full name and hometown. By calling, you give us the right to publish your voicemail in this forum.