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For Veteran's Day: A Military Family's Teleconferencing

With Austin's proximity to Fort Hood, you can imagine how significant Veteran's Day feels in this city on this day. I come from a military family (my father is retired U.S. Air Force) and it struck me how much technology has changed the way military families communicate. Months ago, we did an All Tech Considered segment about how webcams help keep families connected.

Expanding on that, I posted a guest entry today on my Digital Savant blog from Alison Buckholtz, a Navy wife who wrote a book about her experiences. In an excerpt from her book, Standing By: The Making of an American Military Family in a Time of War she describes an emotional teleconferencing session when her husband was posted overseas.

Writing as I do about smartphones, funny Internet felines and video games, it's rare that I get emotional about the things I post, but this one really got me. Hope you'll take the time to read it.