Why I Hate My iPhone : All Tech Considered Then, there's the battery. If you are lucky you'll get eight hours out of it.
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Why I Hate My iPhone

A couple of months ago, NPR handed out iPhone 3G S's to a few of us for a test spin. I was really excited. I have tried various tester versions of the iPhone at Apple press events and I do own an iPod touch. But, I didn't have an iPhone of my very own. I was relegated to the much less sexy standard NPR Blackberry Curve.

I had iPhone envy. Whenever I looked around me and saw fingers quietly tapping the clear glass touch screen and opening apps that did everything from stream music to check heart rates while listening to punk rock, I felt like a poor kid looking through a toy store window. And iPhone users are never lost because their phone has a great GPS system! The iPhone is so sleek, shiny, and cool. Without one, I was so not cool.

But, after two months of using the iPhone, I have to confess that I was somewhat relieved to go back to my Blackberry Curve. The AT&T service is terrible. I had to make phone calls from a chair near my window instead of comfortably lying in bed because the reception kept cutting out. Even when the reception was fine the voice quality in the ear piece was mediocre. "What?" became a much more common word during telephone calls.

Then, there's the battery. If you are lucky you'll get eight hours out of it. I'd have to delay phone calls if I didn't go home after work and recharge because by the middle of the evening my iPhone was dead.

The virtual keyboard is a real pain in the neck. I started to get used to it. It certainly got easier to use over time. But, I still can't type as quickly or accurately on the iPhone as I can on my Blackberry. And you can't type at all while wearing winter gloves!

I can't deny that the iPhone is revolutionizing mobile devices. For entertainment on the go there is nothing better. It is the big kid on the mobile tech block that everyone aspires to be like. I know that when the AT&T contract is over, Apple is likely to hook up with a better service like Verizon. But, I hope that Apple can learn a few things from the much less groovy Blackberry.