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Dating Feedback That Goes Way Beyond Mom

Once in a while I get a press release that just makes me wonder just how low can we go. Rather than explaining it myself, I'll just quote it here.

Hi Laura,

I've got an interesting website that lets the world decide if you're in the perfect rleaitonship. is a social networking site that fuses together traditional dating and a "New Age" experience. Savvy Singles who can't decide on which person to date can now log to to and post pictures of their possible dating partners. Once the photos are uploaded, the sites give users three choices to vote - he can do better, she can do better, or a perfect match. The Web site immediately shows the percentage of users who agree or disagree with you...

You get the idea. Anyone can go to the website and offer up their opinion of your potential date. This isn't the first time that glib has gotten to this level. Remember That site lets you vote on whether you think someone's looks hot or not. But, now you can have the entire world decide if your potential mate is deserving of you or if you are deserving of them. Forget about beauty being more than "skin deep" or "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder."

Even the Miss America pagent cared about those attributes. But, maybe that's why their ratings are going down.