The Drawer of Misfit Devices : All Tech Considered An infographic prompts contemplation about the old devices we stow away in favor of new, shinier models.
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The Drawer of Misfit Devices

With every new release, another gadget bites the dust. Major Clanger/via Flickr hide caption

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Major Clanger/via Flickr

With every new release, another gadget bites the dust.

Major Clanger/via Flickr

An infographic breaking into Digg's Top 10 this weekend posed the question: "Are you obsessed with your cell phone?" The answer to that is pretty obvious, considering that the infographic also states that 32 percent of men and 23 percent of women can't live without their cellphones.

What I found really interesting was that 500 million cell phones are awaiting disposal. They cleverly pointed out that's the equivalent of 25 Eiffel towers.

The EPA says that in 2007 only 14 million Americans recycled their cell phone devices, when more than 150,000 are taken out of service each year.

The photo above, which was posted to our Flickr Pool, reminds me of my own outdated and unused devices. Despite being cast aside for new, shinier models, I still have every phone I've owned.

Ignored inside of a storage bin, my odd collection of old chargers, phones, walkmans, game systems and Gigapets sit morosely, their uses eclipsed by newer models or products. The EPA reminds that for every one million cell phones recycled, enough energy is saved to power 185 homes. Maybe it's time we ought to clear out the technological memorabilia.

If nothing else, you'll have room to stow your current phone when you replace it with the new iPhone that's rumored to roll out later this year.