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New Globe, User Interface For Wikipedia

The new Wikipedia globe logo has evolved into a 3-D object with lettering on all sides thanks to a team of volunteers. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.. hide caption

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Wikimedia Foundation, Inc..

Tonight, the English-language version of Wikipedia is employing a new Wikipedia "W" logo, a new globe logo (above) and a new user interface for the popular Internet encyclopedia.

The Wikimedia Foundation says in blog posts that went live this evening its goals with the new user interface is to make it easier for more people to edit articles on Wikipedia.

The changes are outlined in a FAQ post and, as you'd expect, there's a place for users to give feedback on the changes, which include new navigation, search improvements and a "Book Creator" feature to publish articles into a PDF.

The "W" logo now uses a different typeface, Linux Libertine, instead of the original Hoeffler typeface, which is a commercial font.

The puzzle logo has evolved into a 3-D object and a team of volunteers helped fill out the marks on the previously unsees areas of the globe. Their efforts and a catalog of those puzzle pieces is on this page.

You can read up on reasons for the changes, who contributed and see older versions of the logo design (and some 3-D visualizations) on Wikimedia's official marks page.