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The New Measure Of Buzz: Tweets-Per-Second

Twitter measures how popular a topic of discussion is on their service by "Tweets-per-second." hide caption

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As Twitter has been battling service woes and trying to keep its ship afloat amid heavy World Cup activity, the company posted an interesting bit of information I hadn't noticed before.

In a blog post about activity during World Cup soccer matches, Twitter revealed the ones which had the highest activity on Twitter upon a scored goal. A score by Japan against Cameroon on Monday had 2,940 TPS, or "Tweets-per-second."

The post goes on to reveal that some of the goal moments of the Cup were the highest bursts of activity ever seen on Twitter, at least until last night's victory of the Los Angeles Lakers over the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals, which generated 3,085 TPS in the 30 seconds following the game.

On average, Twitter says, it gets about 750 TPS in a day.

Fascinating. I for one am looking forward to future TPS reports from Twitter.