'Street Fighter' And 'Tekken' Universes, Fists, To Collide : All Tech Considered 'Street Fighter' And 'Tekken,' two long-running fighting video game franchises, will come together in a pair of titles that will allow gamers to pit fighters from each series against each other.
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'Street Fighter' And 'Tekken' Universes, Fists, To Collide

'Street Fighter X Tekken' will be the first of a pair of games that will bring together two long-running video game franchises. Press image/Capcom U.S.A., Inc. hide caption

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Press image/Capcom U.S.A., Inc.

Lost, perhaps, amid some of the major movie and TV news at last weekend's San Diego Comic-Con International was a pretty big piece of news for veteran video game players: The worlds of the fighting games Street Fighter and Tekken will merge in two separate titles from Capcom and Namco.

The Street Fighter games have been around since 1987 and the Tekken series has existed since 1994, but there's never been a game that combined the motley crews from both.

The only bad news for fans who'd like to see Lei take on Chun Li is that the new games, Street Fighter X Tekken (from Capcom) and Tekken X Street Fighter (from Namco) won't be available for about two years, at least.

You can hear the exclaims of fans in the video below, footage of the revealing of these games in front of a Comic-Con audience. I won't lie and say my reaction wasn't a little similar.