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Monitored by researchers and cameras, a study participant drives while using hands-free technology. New AAA research found that these technologies are distracting even after they're used. Dan Campbell/American Automobile Association hide caption

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A cable box on top of a television in Philadelphia. One analyst finds that economics is the key driver behind the growing phenomenon of "cord-nevers," people who never subscribed to cable or satellite TV. Matt Rourke/AP hide caption

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The rise of ad blockers threatens the business model that drives much of the Internet economy. Danae Munoz/Ikon Images/Getty Images hide caption

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That little red "message" light may not be as ubiquitous in offices as it used to be. Photo illustration: Ariel Zambelich/NPR hide caption

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In the face-to-face interview process, research shows that managers tend to hire applicants who are similar to them on paper. Bjorn Rune Lie/Getty Images/Ikon Images hide caption

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Comedian Aziz Ansari became a pioneer of emoji language use in 2011, when he transcribed the hit Jay-Z and Kanye West song, "Ni**as In Paris." hide caption

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More Americans are ditching traditional cash and plastic, opting instead for new mobile payment applications. But new research indicates cash isn't completely dead. Amy Sancetta/AP hide caption

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Google is doing test flights of its balloons carrying Internet routers around the world. Last June, a balloon was released at the airport in Teresina, Brazil. Google hide caption

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With the technology to conduct more nuanced tests, some companies say they can provide more useful detail about how people think in dynamic situations. Marcus Butt/Getty Images/Ikon Images hide caption

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Illustration by John Hersey/Courtesy of WNYC
Illustration by John Hersey/Courtesy of WNYC

While viral videos are a common feature of modern Internet life, recently a few audio clips, including sounds from a comet, have become popular. Underwood & Underwood/Corbis hide caption

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A recent UCLA study found that screen time could negatively affect children's ability to read emotion. But scientists are still unsure how much screen time is too much for a child. Anatoliy Babiy/iStockphoto hide caption

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