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Victor Jara Sings A Miner's Song

Chilean President Sebastian Pinera

Chilean President Sebastian Pinera shows a message reading, "We are fine in the refuge, the 33 of us," from the miners trapped in the San Jose gold and copper mine near the city of Copiapo, Atacama desert, on August 22, 2010. Hector Retamal/AFP hide caption

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Over the weekend, we learned some amazing news: Thirty-three Chilean miners who have been trapped in a collapsed mine for more than two weeks are still alive. A rescue probe that dug more than two thousand feet to the bottom of the infamously dangerous San Jose mine was able to make contact with the miners, who sent back a message reading, "All 33 of us are well inside the shelter."

Apparently, the miners have tapped into a source of fresh water, and are using electricity from a truck engine for lighting. It's not all good news, as the government has announced that it could take four months to rescue the miners.


The folks over at had an idea to dedicate the song "Canción del Minero" (The Miners Song), by Chilean folksinger and political activist Victor Jara, to the trapped miners. The song is a testament to mining culture in Chile and the hardship of a miner's life.


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Canción del Minero

Ayer recibimos fantásticas noticias: Los treinta y tres mineros chilenos que están atrapados hace mas de dos semanas bajo una mina colapsada aun están vivos. Una maquina perforadora logró contactarse con ellos, a mas de 700 metros de profundidad dentro de la mina San José, notoria por ser una de las minas mas peligrosas de Chile. A través de la maquina los mineros pudieron mandar un mensaje que lee: “Estamos bien en el refugio los 33.”


Y es que parece que los mineros han podido encontrar una fuente de agua fresca, y están usando electricidad del motor de un camión para iluminarse. Sin embargo, no todas las noticias fueron buenas: Según oficiales, el rescate podría tardar hasta cuatro meses.

Nuestros amigos de tuvieron hoy la brillante idea de dedicarle a los mineros la “Canción del Minero) de Víctor Jara. La canción es una oda a los mineros y a los peligros de la profesión.



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