Weekend Mix: Brand New Ozomatli, Systema Solar, Triangulo de Amor Bizarro : Alt.Latino In this week's weekend mix: A new video from Colombia's Systema Solar that’s like a swim down the Amazon River. Plus: Ozomatli gets respect, and Triangulo de Amor Bizarro has another bizarro video (which we love).
NPR logo Weekend Mix: Brand New Ozomatli, Systema Solar, Triangulo de Amor Bizarro

Weekend Mix: Brand New Ozomatli, Systema Solar, Triangulo de Amor Bizarro

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For this week's weekend mix, we have a bunch of new videos for you and some great music to ease you out of your cubicle and onto the dance floor, the couch, the bed, the park — wherever you spend your weekend. Do yourself a favor and put on some headphones, turn your computer screen to an angle your boss can't see (unless you’re the boss) and enjoy!

Ozomatli "Respeto"

We're going to start our weekend mix on a serious note. Ozomatli's new song "Respeto" (Respect) is part of a partnership with the National Council of La Raza, in an effort to get the Latino vote out in November. No matter where you stand on the political spectrum, you can get into the fun of Ozomatli's ska. As usual, the band manages to deliver a message, but doesn't come off as preachy or nagging. They’re just telling you to "vote, so you can get respect."

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Systema Solar "Malpalpitando"

Holy cow. We featured this Colombian group on our show recently for their promising self-titled debut. Their music is like a good friend you fear might go crazy at any given time: it's danceable, full of stories, but also frenetic and a little quirky. Their new video features a mans spiritual connection with nature, and it's as beautiful as it sounds. Favorite line: "Confundir el Amazona Con Agua de Panela" ("To confuse the Amazon river with panela water"). Panela water is a typical Colombian water made of cane syrup.


Triangulo De Amor Bizarro "Amigos del género Humano"

This Spanish indie rock band, whose name translates as Bizarre Love Triangle, would be Wednesday Adams' favorite band: They croon in a delightfully sweet voices while embracing images of macabre witchcraft. The Spanish Inquisition would've burnt them at the stake, but we're less judgmental. Here's their video for the song "De la monarquía a la criptocracia" (warning: images of blood, pentagrams and Justin Bieber haircuts). Also, Rolling Stone Mexico recently premiered their new video for "Amigos del género Humano." Click here to watch.