During the 1980s, wildlife managers said striped bass like this one were overfished. Now, it appears that a weather pattern known as the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation may have been a contributing factor to the declines. Jay Fleming/Jay Fleming Photography hide caption

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A baby cheetah, a little over a month old, gets its daily weigh-in. Bilal Qureshi/NPR hide caption

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The new species, Barbicambarus simmonsi (left) is more than twice the size of typical crayfish found in the same creek. L. Brian Stauffer/UI News Bureau hide caption

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The decorated nest of an 11-year-old black kite. At this age, kites typically decorate their nest exuberantly. F. Sergio/AAAS/Science hide caption

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To eat, chitons use their teeth, which look like black bulbs with bluish highlights, to grind up rock. Lyle Gordon/Northwestern University hide caption

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