This artistic interpretation shows an adult and juvenile feathered ornithomimid dinosaurs. Julius Csotonyi/Science hide caption

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A capuchin monkey riding a dog. Tim Lepard, owner and creator of the Monkey Rodeo, says his animals are treated humanely. Courtesy of Tim Lepard hide caption

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A school of manini fish passes over a coral reef at Hanauma Bay in 2005, in Honolulu. Researchers say schooling behavior like the kind seen in fish helps groups of animals make better decisions than any one member of the group could. Donald Miralle/Getty Images hide caption

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This image, from an archival video, shows the white whale NOC swimming around and under researchers' boats. Current Biology hide caption

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After a leg injury didn't heal well earlier this year, Lou has difficulty walking. He and his partner, Bill, will be slaughtered at the end of the month, and their meat will be used to feed students at Green Mountain College in Vermont. Nina Keck/Vermont Public Radio hide caption

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