Golden lion tamarins are one species that are largely monogamous. Felipe Dana/AP hide caption

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The Asian tiger mosquito, an invasive, disease-carrying pest, was likely introduced to the United States from used tires shipped over from Asia. Jim Newman/University of Florida/IFAS/AP hide caption

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The beaked whale is one of the most vulnerable of all whale species to underwater noise pollution. Robin Baird/Cascadia Research hide caption

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The mosquitoes that feed on people are attracted to over 300 gases and other compounds emitted by human skin. CDC Public Health Image Library hide caption

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Biologists normally look for the hellbender slamander, which is known by the nickname "snot otter," under rocks in streams. But now there's a gentler way: They can take water samples and look for traces of the animals' DNA. Robert J. Erwin/Science Source hide caption

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The Mount Charleston blue butterfly is a rare species found only in a few small areas high up in Nevada's Spring Mountains. Corey Kallstrom/USFWS hide caption

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Those are two whales coming up from the water, just feet away from two divers off the coast of central California. The image is from a video, which has gone viral, taken on Saturday. hide caption

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