In 1800, when the tapestry cap was made, Aleppo was a major textile center, dotted with workshops where silk was woven and crafted. This 1873 photograph shows a Muslim man and woman from the region. Courtesy of The Textile Museum hide caption

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Grapes, a spiky cluster of wooden stools from the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), is part of Ai Weiwei's repurposed furniture series. Cathy Carver/Courtesy Hirshhorn Museum hide caption

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Sarah Hallacher swirled in white clay with red to mimic the fat marbling, just like you see in prime cuts of meat. Courtesy of Sarah Hallacher hide caption

itoggle caption Courtesy of Sarah Hallacher

This product image released by Starbucks shows the Rodarte design Starbucks gift card, part of a series of limited-edition products for the holiday season. The card is one of several Rodarte-designed items including tote bags, cup sleeves and mugs. The signature pattern features a pixelated checkerboard of gray, white and silver set against different shades of green. AP/Starbucks hide caption

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"I drove out past the town of Marion beneath a quiet sky, as beautiful as anything I'd seen, to the house of a woman who lived by herself." 1969 Eugene Richards/Magnum Photos hide caption

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Tell Me More intern Azmi Abusam Amy Ta/NPR hide caption

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