Andrej Pejic poses backstage at the Custo Barcelona Fall 2011 fashion show during New York's Fashion Week. Mike Coppola/Getty Images for IMG hide caption

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Diana and Actaeon (1556-59): Italian painter Titian depicts Actaeon, a mortal hunter, who accidentally encounters Diana, goddess of the hunt, as she bathes. Click "Enlarge" to see the full painting. Minneapolis Institute of Arts hide caption

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Photographer Sally Mann and Larry Mann, in her home gallery in Lexington, Va., have been married for 40 years. Melissa Block/NPR hide caption

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Kate Betts' new book about Michelle Obama's style explores how the first lady projects both power and a keen sense of fashion. Olivier Douliery/Getty Images hide caption

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Joanne Siegel (center) at the 1976 Comic Con in San Diego with her husband, Jerry Siegel, the co-creator of Superman, and daughter Laura. Joanne was the inspiration for Clark Kent's love interest Lois Lane. She died Feb. 12. Alan Light hide caption

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Courtesy of Adrian Tomine

When the National Portrait Gallery removed a work after pressure from activists and politicians, a project called the Museum of Censored Art set up shop right outside the museum's doors. Erin Schwartz/NPR hide caption

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