Historian Mary Beard says real gladiator competitions were probably not as brutal as the film Gladiator (starring Russell Crowe) would have us believe. Still, she says, "I loved Gladiator and I thought its depiction of gladiatorial combat, although it was an aggrandizing picture, was cleverly and expertly done." Universal/Getty Images hide caption

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Rosa Parks joins in a march at the South African Embassy in Washington, Dec. 10, 1984, protesting that country's racial policies. She's famous for refusing to give up her seat on a bus in 1955, sparking the Montgomery boycotts — but her activism spanned her entire life. AP hide caption

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In Star Wars: Battlefront, gamers can take their pick of customization options for the characters they play. Courtesy of EA hide caption

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Project Runway host Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn at the Project Runway Spring 2013 fashion show in New York City. Today, Gunn is comfortable before an audience — but it wasn't always that way. Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week hide caption

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Mdou Moctar is a local star among the Tuareg, based in the city of Agadez. Happily, Prince's iconic purple motorcycle also survived the translation. Courtesy of Christopher Kirkley hide caption

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Though the Roundabout Theatre can only pay regional theater rates it's attracted stars like Liam Neeson, Natasha Richardson, Jessica Lange, Jason Robards, Liev Schreiber, and others. Above, Clive Owen and Kelly Reilly star as Deeley and Kate in the Roundabout revival of Old Times. Joan Marcus/Roundabout Theatre hide caption

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Mattel's Michelle Chidoni says there wasn't any trepidation over casting a boy in a recent Barbie ad. "Barbie is a brand that's all about imagination and storytelling, whether you're a boy or a girl," she says. Moschino via YouTube hide caption

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Linda Holmes and Trevor Noah talk during NPR's Weekend In Washington event on October 31. Paul Morigi/AP Images for NPR hide caption

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Willem de Kooning's Woman — Ochre (oil on canvas, 1954-55) has been missing for 30 years. University of Arizona Museum of Art hide caption

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The next time a cooking disaster strikes, remember: It happens to the best of us. Piotr Tomicki/iStockphoto hide caption

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