Russell Peters has made a career of poking fun at ethnic peculiarities. He is now one of the highest-earning comedians. Michael Tullberg/Getty Images hide caption

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David Aaronovitch writes a column for The Times newspaper in London. In 2001 he won the George Orwell Prize for political journalism. Nigel Barklie hide caption

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Who's Your Daddy? Emma Craven (Bojana Novakovic) redefines paternal protection as her father (Mel Gibson) seeks justice for her murder in Edge of Darkness. Warner Bros. Pictures hide caption

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Mad Men: Florian Lucas and Benno Furmann play German mountaineers Andi Hinterstoisser and Toni Kurz — daredevil climbers who set out to scale the North Face of Switzerland's Eiger Peak, also known as the "Murder Wall." Music Box Films hide caption

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Thirteen-year-old Nasri (Fouad Habash) gets caught up in the violence between warring families. Kino International hide caption

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The Fury Of Revelation: Mel Gibson plays a police detective out to solve the murder of his only daughter — and unearthing corporate cover-ups and government conspiracies in the process. Warner Bros. Pictures hide caption

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John Heilemann (left) and Mark Halperin are the authors of Game Change. Heilemann is a writer for New York magazine. Halperin is editor-at-large and senior political analyst for Time magazine. hide caption

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