"I could be wrong, you know:" John Hodgman notes that while his book That Is All is intensely concerned with "the coming global superpocalypse," it also contains much information about travel and sports and wine, and is "not depressing."

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As online movie rental services become more popular, major movie studios have been suffering from dwindling DVD sales.

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Brian Williams will set the course for the new NBC newsmagazine Rock Center. The network is positioning it as a serious news program and expecting a ratings struggle, at least at first.

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Theodore Hardeen (right) poses with brother Harry Houdini around 1901. Although Hardeen was the less-famous brother, he was also a magician and escape artist who continued to perform Houdini's routines after his death.

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In 1986, Jon Roberts was arrested as part a cocaine bust that ultimately unraveled his empire.

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Joan Didion is also the author of The Year of Magical Thinking, The White Album: Essays and Where I Was From.

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Mark Twain's story "A Presidential Candidate," in which he jokingly announces that he is running for president, kicks off Andy Borowitz's comedy collection.

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