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Food professionals will tell you: Eating asks a lot of your body. hide caption

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Lily Collins plays Snow White in Mirror Mirror opposite Julia Roberts as the vain Queen jealous of Snow's beauty. Jan Thijs/ Relativity Media hide caption

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In The Hunter, Willem Dafoe plays a stoic mercenary hired to hunt the last remaining Tasmanian tiger. Matt Nettheim/Magnolia Pictures hide caption

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Poet Kevin Young visits NPR headquarters in Washington, D.C., on Friday as a NewsPoet guest. Doriane Raiman/NPR hide caption

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William Russell (John Larroquette, right), a blue-blooded, Harvard-educated former secretary of state, matches wits with rival presidential candidate Joe Cantwell (Eric McCormack), a scrappy conservative senator in the Broadway revival of The Best Man. Joan Marcus/ hide caption

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Playwright Lisa Kron performs her new work, The Veri**on Play. It's a bitter satire on the tangles of automated customer service. Alan Simons hide caption

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Game of Throne's Peter Dinklage returns to the Lannister kingdom more influential than ever, thanks to a scroll that gives him power by proxy. Paul Schiraldi/Paul Schiraldi Photography hide caption

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Poet Adrienne Rich received several notable awards over the course of her career, including a MacArthur Fellowship, the National Book Foundation Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters and the Frost Medal. Stuart Ransom/AP hide caption

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