U.S. soldiers file off the ridge of a mountain where they spent the night in a Taliban stronghold area in Afghanistan's Paktika province, near the border with Pakistan, on Oct. 15. Pakistan is eagerly awaiting President Obama's decision on Afghanistan strategy. David Furst/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Yasuhito Sekine tastes puddings, which is his day job as well as his hobby. He says today's young Japanese are becoming more individualistic and are "not limited by expectations." Louisa Lim/NPR hide caption

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Professional mimic Cheng Jiaqiang, shown here in his Beijing apartment, learned his skills from his grandfather. The calligraphy on the wall behind Cheng refers to his signature act: Cheng imitates a bird imitating a musician imitating a bird. Anthony Kuhn/NPR hide caption

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Looking upstream on the Three Gorges Reservoir in China. Anthony Kuhn/NPR hide caption

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President Obama and South Korean President Lee Myung-bak pass soldiers dressed in blue and yellow uniforms during a ceremony at the presidential "Blue House" in Seoul. Kyodo via AP hide caption

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